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In addition to enjoying a pleasant shopping experience in our online store,
we can also provide you with the following customized services.

  • Industrial Hardware

    Industrial hardware products are widely used in all kinds of enclosures, industrial equipments, construction machinery, new energy and medical equipments..
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    Vehicle Hardware

    High strength, impact resistance,high protection, dust-proof, vibration-proof and noise-proof,safe and reliable product are widedly used in Marines,Construction Machinerys,Cars,RV Trailers,LKW,Railway industry etc.
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    Sealing Profile

    Sealing Profile includes the Clip-on Profile,Edge Protect Profile,Insertable Profiles,Sponge Strip and Window Rubber Profile,which are made from EPDM, with a good performance of aging resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation on material,to meet the function request of sealing,shock absorption, decoration,can be widely used in all kinds of cabinets,machines,autos etc.
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