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Offshore Wind Power Main Control Cabinet Solution

Release Date:25-01-2022  click:324
Under the vision of "carbon neutrality", offshore wind power is one of the main paths to achieve carbon neutrality. Countries around the world have successively established offshore wind power targets to contribute to global carbon neutrality. 
At the same time, with the rapid development, the follow-up related operation and maintenance issues of offshore wind power generation units derived from this have become issues that need to be paid attention to.

Industry Pain Points
1 Remote location
With the development of offshore wind power, the construction of offshore wind farms has to be moved to places farther offshore and in deeper waters.
2 Frequent maintenance problems
Due to the harsh maintenance environment and difficult maintenance methods, the failure rate of offshore wind turbines is higher than that on land.
3 The corrosion problem is prominent
The main control cabinet of wind power is generally installed on the base of the tower, which is closest to the ground or sea surface, so it has high requirements for salt spray corrosion (generally, the anti-corrosion level is required to be C3 or C4 and above).
Main control cabinet solution
Compared with onshore wind power, offshore wind power is far away from the coast, and under the influence of the harsh marine environment, the failure of vulnerable parts such as locks, hinges, and connecting rods is accelerated, and the failure rate of mechanical and electrical systems is greatly increased, resulting in faster maintenance. , At the same time, operation and maintenance require special equipment and transportation tools, resulting in a significant increase in maintenance expenditures.
With the progress and diversification of market demand, our products have been iteratively upgraded and innovated centered on customer needs to create quality and warm products. A full range of stainless steel products specially designed for the main control cabinet of wind power solves all the above pain points and helps wind power go further and further.