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Data Center Lock Control Solution

Release Date:25-01-2022  click:633
Data Center Pain Points

1.Manual operation is cumbersome
The mechanical keys of the conventional data center cabinets are not handed over to the operator. Every time the cabinet is opened and closed, the data center service personnel are required to open and close the lock, and the workload of the service personnel is extremely high.
2. Outstanding security issues
The cabinet uses a universal mechanical lock, there is a risk of mistakenly opening or stealing other customer cabinets, and the mechanical key is easy to copy
3. Backward management methods
The conventional management method cannot effectively monitor the status of the cabinet door lock, nor can it record the time and personnel of the cabinet opening and closing.
4. Authority control is difficult
Staff in different positions in the data center are allowed to enter different areas, and different types of door locks cannot achieve effective authority control.
5. Operation record is missing
Once the keys are distributed to the staff, the time and place of using the keys cannot be effectively recorded, and the management method is outdated.

Data Center Solutions

Solution 1: Remote unlocking + door lock status monitoring

This solution combines Ethernet and CAN bus to successfully create a series of IDC lock control system products, including network controllers, node controllers, electronic locks, door magnetic detection switches, etc. The network controller is connected to the centralized control system of the data center through the TCP network to monitor the status of the cabinet door lock in real time and unlock it remotely.

Solution 2: WIFI remote unlock + door lock status monitoring

On the basis of scheme 1, this scheme adds a wireless function to the network controller, which can be connected to the centralized control system through the WIFI network, eliminating the trouble of wiring between the network controller and the router.