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Smart Light Pole Lock Control solution helps smart city construction

Release Date:25-01-2022  click:215
The construction and development of smart cities is rapid. As an emerging urban public facility in recent years, smart light poles integrate various urban infrastructure and new facilities, integrate a variety of urban functions, and use information and communication technology to sense, analyze and integrate The key information of the city operation system, realizing the intelligence of city services and city management, is an important carrier of smart cities.
Smart Light Pole Definition
Multi-functional smart light pole: On the basis of meeting the needs of road lighting, it is equipped with a variety of devices (sensors), which can realize multiple functions, and a light pole with intelligent capabilities, referred to as a smart light pole, is also called a smart street light.

Smart light pole function
On the basis of traditional lighting functions, smart light poles integrate street lighting control systems, LED information release, WIFI coverage, video surveillance management, advertising screen broadcast control, real-time monitoring of urban environment, emergency calls, car charging piles, manhole cover monitoring, 4G / 5G base station and other new-generation smart city infrastructure facilities with multiple applications.

Smart light pole solution